Revealed For The FIRST TIME in Over 83 Years...The Two Lost Chapters of Think and Grow Rich!

The Two Lost Chapters of Napoleon Hill's Most Famous Book Reveal THE REAL SECRET to The Law of Manifestation in a Way That's NEVER Been Revealed Before...Until Now!

This is the REAL SECRET Behind How to Make the Laws of Manifestation Work For You...This is the Secret That Even the Book and the Movie "The Secret" Doesn't Even Reveal!

And Now You Can, For the FIRST TIME EVER, Take a Look at What These Two Lost Chapters of  Think and Grow Rich Have to Say...And How They Can Help You Change Your Life in a Way You Never Thought Possible!
The Almost Unbelievable Story of Why These Two Chapters Were REMOVED From the Original Book...
"It's a Keep the Common Man and Woman in Poverty...Forever.  And These Lost Pages Were NEVER Supposed to See the Light of Day!"
There is A LOT you don't know.  About how the elite work.  About how the super wealth operate.  And who really runs the show behind the scenes.  The bottom line:  Those in control DO NOT want you to succeed.  They DO NOT want you to become wealthy.  And they DO NOT want you to have any power over your own personal life.  It's time you know the truth!

The Original 1937 Book
This is the original book that Napoleon Hill wrote in the 1930s.  Or is it?  There has been some speculation that the 1937 version (published in the spring of that year) isn't really the REAL original book.  There have been claims that the REAL original was published, distributed in a handful of bookstores, and then it was immediately stripped from bookstore shelves by the likes of Henry Ford who DID NOT want this information to get out to the mass public.  This 1937 version could be the "watered-down" twin of its former predecessor.
1937 Press of the Book
Right before the original 1937 Think and Grow Rich went to press, the final two (2) chapters were stripped out of the manuscript just as it was going to press.  While it's unclear as to why this is, there is great speculation that these pages were removed by the elite (including the likes of Henry Ford) to disallow the common man and woman to know how to generate great wealth.  Once you see what these two (2) chapters are all about, you'll probably agree that there is a conspiracy afoot because these lost chapters really do reveal the REAL SECRET in how to get what you want in life.
Original Pages from TGR
These are some of the pages that were never published before...and they still have Napoleon Hill's notes and handwriting all over them.  It's incredible in how these pages were found.  In fact, it's likely that they were never supposed to be found...not ever.  It was a mistake that these got into our hands because the powers that be did all they could over 80 years ago to make sure that nobody could ever see what Napoleon Hill intended on saying about how to really attract the things that you want in your life.
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